LT8.10 – 2D and 3D, Fiber and CO2 standard or special shape tubes

The perfect choice for those who accept no compromise

2D and 3D, Fiber and CO2 standard or special shape tubes



cut diameters up to ∅ 240 mm (9.5”)

bar weight up to 40 kg/m (30 lb/ft.)

loading length 8.5 or 12 m (28’ or 40’)

unloading length 6.5 or 8.5 m (21’ or 28’) 3.5 kW CO2

laser source

automatic adjustments

3D tilt cutting

cuttable materials: mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium (some alloys)


cut diameters up to ∅ 240 mm (9.5”)

bar weight up to 40 kg/m (30 lb/ft.)

loading length 8.5 m (28’)

unloading length 6.5 or 8.5 m (21’ or 28’)

3 kW fiber laser source

automatic adjustments 3D cutting

cuttable materials: mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass, galvanized

New degrees of design freedom

The standard cutting head configuration of the LT8.10 has a tilting axis (± 45°) which makes it possible to do chamfers and other non-orthogonal cuts.

Tilt cutting is particularly useful for making weld prep cuts in thick walled tubes. Or for accessing difficult to reach locations in open or special sections.

Fiber or CO2: free to choose the best

We can offer the best solution for your production requirements. From the established CO2 laser to the most recent fiber technology, either are available on our machine.If you have questions, we will provide operating cost breakdowns and illustrate the advantages and limitations of each technology.

Rely on our experience and broad range of solutions to help you make the right choice.

Allroad: tubes like you have never imagined

You are not limited to just round, square or rectangular. Special shaped tubes or open sections can be programmed and cut without problems.

The use of non-standard shaped tubes (i.e. not round, square or rectangular) has expanded greatly over the years. You can process special sections and even open shapes without any special equipment. Thetube loading and handling capabilities combined with the design freedoms of the BLMelements software suite peerless provide unmatched capabilities.

Choose the right configuration

You can choose the loading system most suited to your production requirements (bundle loader, step-by-step, single bar) and you can position it where you need it: either in front of the machine or behind it.

You can choose the unloading system most suited to your production (standard, short part, scrap) and you can position it either in front of the machine or behind it.

You have everything you need to boost system efficacy and adapt the machine layout to your available space.

Attention to details during the entire process

You can load from the front or the rear. You can select the loading system most suited to your production requirements: bundle, step-by-step, or single bar.

Step-by –Step loader: for loading special sections or open profiles. Use when the bar shapes is constantly changing

Single bar loader: for processing a single bar. Ideal for prototypes and small lot sizes

Bundle loader: for maximum unmanned production autonomy

The surfaces that support and guide the bars during loading are covered with a non-marring material to prevent scratches and preserve the surface quality of the bars and of the parts

Each bar is measured during the loading cycle. If the machine detects a difference between the expected and actual length, it recalculates the best possible arrangement of the parts to be cut in order to maximize material utilization. It does this without having to manually revise the machine program

The main chuck jaws closing movement adapts (position and force) to the loaded tube, to ensure a firm grip for of heavy tubes and delicate grasp for of light ones

Long, flexible parts are retained laterally and vertically during processing to obtain an accurate cutting result

Unloading solutions: facilitate the next steps

Short parts are conveyed out at constant rate on a conveyor table that boosts productivity with a faster part dischard.

Longer parts can be programmed to unload to the front or the rear of the machine. By dividing unloading by part type, part collection can proceed without interruption.

Accurate results on inaccurate material

Supporting arms and tables on the feeding and unloading line constantly support the bar movement during processing, tube, reducing axial tube deformations and increasing machining accuracy.

Additional tube measuring and error compensation solutions are available for distorted tubes.

Part quality, inside and out

An internal suction probe or ‘spoon’ can be inserted into the I.D. of round tubes to keep the inner surface of the tube clean when cutting. The ‘spoon’, which automatically adjusts to the tube diameter, catches dross and cutting debris and vacuums out particles that can adhere to the inside of the tube to produce a clean dross free internal finish.

Active Tools

Active Tools: make tube processing even simpler and more robust

Active Marking

Do you need the ability to identify and track every single part produced? Parts can be dynamically marked with Active Marking. Assign the area of the part to mark, then enter the text or data. The Lasertube machine will automatically add the updated value in real time: time, date, sequential part number / ID or even the order number. Handy and easy

Active Piercing

You will experience a considerable increase of productivity on thick walled tubes when using the optimised Active Piercing function. Increase piercing speed and reliability even when faced with inconsistent material quality and thickness. Spectacular!

Active Scan

This is the definitive tool for compensating for the errors that are created by irregularly shaped or bowed tubes. Active Scan can prevent positioning errors of the cut features when the tube is misshaped or not sufficiently rigid to be effectively constained by the mechanical supporting and guiding devices. Active Scan is an optical device that works in the background to calculate the compensations needed to adjust the part program to ensure that the required tolerances are achieved. Accurate!

Active Speed

Optimal cutting quality from the first part! You can obtain high cut quality on all parts even if you do not have specific laser cutting expertise. With Active Speed, the Lasertube machine will dynamically manage all the cutting parameters and deliver the same cut quality in difficult cutting conditons that you expect in common laser cutting jobs. Safe!

Active Focus

Active Focus’ dynamic control of the focus position provided quality cuts despite changes of material and wall thickness. Parts often contain 2D and 3D cuts, piercing and marking. Active Focus always provided optimal cutting conditions to insure quality and productivity. You have the best focus configuration at all times with no additional for programming. Extremely focused!

Artube: from the drawing to the part in one click

Drawing a part or an entire frame and transforming it into a machine program takes only a few seconds. You can import 3D models of parts drawn in other CAD programs and send everything needed to start production to the machine on the fly. With Artube you can exploit all the Lasertube’s potential from the word ‘go’, without errors.

Artube: double your options

The ability to import a file, automatically transforming it into a machine program, implementing changes without needing to edit the original drawing file will make your life much easier and speed up the job.

Draw in 3D or important directly from CAD in just one click

Automatically transform the part drawing into a machine program

Consente di fare qualsiasi modifica senza dover cambiare il disegno di partenza perché il pezzo importato è diventato un disegno cad parametrico nativo di Artube

Make changes without editing the original CAD drawing. The imported part becomes a native Artube project

BLM elements: everything under control

Program, simulate, produce and monitor all your systems – tube bending machines, Lasertube machines or sawing machines – from a single control point. Handy, quick and easy to use! BLMelements is the software suite that gives you all the functions you need to manage BLM GROUP systems.

Draw or import single parts, frames and multi-technology parts in only one click.

See the results in a dynamic 3D preview. Watch the cut path simulation.

Create job batches of multiple parts, plan production and monitor machine state.

All-In-One tube: bending and laser – made for each other

Bending and laser cutting this turns a tube into a finished product. But the use of two separate technologies has always caused difficulties. BLM GROUP machines are created to seemless marry these two technologies solving the problems of locating holes on bent tubular products. All automatically.