LT5 – Fiber laser cutting up to 120 mm (4.75”) in diameter

A convenient way to approach tube laser cutting

Fiber laser cutting up to 120 mm (4.75”) in diameter

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cut diameters up to ∅ 120 mm (4.75”)

bar weight of up to 13.5 kg/m (9 lbs / ft)

loading length 6.5 m (21’)

unloading length 4.5 or 6.5 m (14’ or 21’)

fiber laser source 1 kW

cuttable materials: mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass and galvanize

Essential and complete: everything needed for laser cutting tube

LT5 is the entry level machine in the Lasertube range.

Simple to use and manage, extremely robust, designed for high production and less frequent product changes.

Equipped with a 1 kW fiber source, LT5 is the right machine for thinner walled and smaller diameter tubes.

The advantages of fiber laser:

Far more efficient with much lower power consumption

The increased electrical efficiency of fiber laser technology compared to CO2 drastically slashes the electrical consumption of the system, yielding savings on the utility bills and on the initial installation due to reduced requirements.

Superior performance in thin wall materials

The faster cutting speed of nitrogen assist fiber laser cutting on thin materials more than doubles machine productivity compared to CO2 cutting: thinner wall mild steel, stainless steel and galvanized are the materials that benefit the most from fiber laser cutting.

Zero laser maintenance required

The fiber laser does not require routine adjustments, component replacement or rebuilds. It does not consume laser gas. Laser beam quality is stable and consistant over time. It is ready to cut as soon as you turn it on. No warm up is required.

New materials for new opportunities

Copper and brass, materials that cannot be cut with CO2 technology CO2 can be easily cut with fiber laser. Even tricky grades of aluminium and galvanized steel are easily processed.

Ergonomic and accessible

LT5 is the first machine in the Lasertube family to be fitted with two large slidding doors. The doors make it easier to access the production line, load single parts and make adjustments for job changeover.

Minimum size, maximum production rate

LT5 is small.

Occupying less floor space means having a smaller impact on the organisation of your production.

The ability to optimise the entire production flow and eliminate unneeded handling of bars and the parts frees up floor space and saves labor.

High speed processing and quality

Moving light, flexible tubes fast, without ever losing control and without the risk of jamming the loader: this is the result of our tube processing experience.

Managing the finished part unloading

The high production cutting rates of the LT5 are complimented by the ability to send different the parts to multiple unloading positions: front, rear and onto a specific metal belted conveyor designed for short parts.

This eliminates the need to hand separate the parts discharged to a single container. And it speeds up the collection of completed parts which is an advantage to the overall production efficiency.

Part quality, inside and out

An internal suction probe or ‘spoon’ can be inserted into the I.D. of round tubes to keep the inner surface of the tube clean when cutting. The ‘spoon’, which automatically adjusts to the tube diameter, catches dross and cutting debris and vacuums out particles that can adhere to the inside of the tube to produce a clean dross free internal finish.

The weld seam is not a problem

A weld seam detector can be used to detect, via an optical sensor, the position of the tubes’ weld seam prior to cutting. Once located the seam can be oriented where desired.

Artube: from the drawing to the part in one click

Drawing a part or an entire frame and transforming it into a machine program takes only a few seconds. You can import 3D models of parts drawn in other CAD programs and send everything needed to start production to the machine on the fly.

With Artube you can exploit all the Lasertube’s potential from the word go, without errors.

Draw or import your parts from other CAD programs (STEP, IGES, XT formats). Artube automatically transforms them into efficient part programs

Create frames and complex structures using one or more different tube sizes and views all the cutting geometries prior to transferring the part programs to the machine

Define your production batches starting from your part program archive. Monitor order progress in real time. View video feed from the cameras integrated on the machine

Protube: error-free planning

Create part programs and easily organise them into production batches. With Protube you can automatically calculate the number of bars needed, optimize the nest to create the minimum scrap, estimate the hours needed and monitor production progress in real time

All-In-One: bending and laser – made for each other

Bending and laser cutting this turns a tube into a finished product. But the use of two separate technologies has always caused difficulties. BLM GROUP machines are created to seemless marry these two technologies solving the problems of locating holes on bent tubular products. All automatically.