TWINCUT – Fully automatic cutting to size for one or two tubes at the same

The new TWINCUT Automatic Circular Saw can cut one tube, or two tubes simultaneously, in round, square and rectangular sections.The main feature of a TwinCut is the high productivity levels that can be maintained, especially when cutting two tubes at the same time.

The advance feed rate of the cutting head automatically adjusts according to the area of blade “tooth-contact” with the material, to ensure each tooth takes the optimum chip-load, thus achieving the fastest cutting performance without overloading the blade, thereby optimizing both productivity and blade life.

-simple to use, quick and easy to changeover;
-data base of machine operating parameters with automatic selection and setting;
-cutting geometry designed for a full exploitation of the blade and high cutting precision;
-air jets to minimise swarf build-up in the vice area
-Chained operations

In developing the TWINCUT project, particular attention has been paid to the “automatic link” between the saw and the brush deburrer with a design goal based on achieving the highest productivity and reliability with simplicity of setting.

-the brush deburring machine is directly controlled from the TwinCut’s operator panel;
-the intermediate support, for long and flexible tube, is correctly positioned automatically;
-in addition to brush deburring the TwinCut can also be fully integrated with automated systems for: measurement checking, washing and drying, orderly collection and palletising of cut pieces.

Loading and unloading:

The machine is equipped with an automatic bundle loader with a capacity of 4000 Kg, and for stock tube lengths of either 6500 mm, 8500 mm and 12500 mm.Cut pieces can be unloaded to three separate locations allowing the scrap ends to be unloaded separately. Even in twin-tube mode the loading and unloading cycle is all fully automatic.

Technical data:

Cutting capacity round tube (mm)         (single) min. 8 – max. 80 / (twin-tube) min.10 – max. 45Cutting

capacity square tube (mm)        (single) min. 10 – max. 70 / (twin-tube) max. 40Cutting capacity

rectangular tube (mm)  (single) min. 15 x 10 – max. 80 x 70 / (twin-tube) max. 40 x 35