EM80 – Integrated solution for cutting and machining operations on tube or bar ends

One system, lots of jobs

Integrated solution for cutting and machining operations on tube or bar ends

One system, lots of jobs

The EM80 is a turntable transfer machine which can be easily set up with a variety of tools depending on the jobs to be performed. It offers easy to program features and highly productive output. It is designed for continuous, even unmanned, production of metal parts that are cut to length and then have the ends machined. It is perfect for high volume automotive or agricultural components and for pneumatic or hydraulic fittings.

Find your configuration in the array of possibilities

Starting from full length bars parts are sawed to length then finished with roughing and plunge milling, CNC turning, tapping, drilling and radial milling and even knurling, rolling, or spot facing.

Finished parts, with lengths from 10 to 600 mm (.400” to 23.6”) are then washed and measured to insure accuracy.

The capacity machine for tubes is Ø 10 to 80 mm and for solid bars Ø 60 mm max.

Three processing stations

Parts are simultaneously processed in three indexing workstations, each is equipped with the tools needed to process the part in sequence and then automatically unload the finished part.

Measured and certified part quality

The machine can be equipped to measure and verify accuracy of each part prior to unloading. The part washing feature flushes away chips and debris prior to measurement. Production is inspected and certified from the first to the last part.

Efficient management of chips and debris

The tubes or bars are automatically loaded, singled out from the bundle and taken to the feeding line with operator intervention. Parts are sawed to length. Bar end drops and scrap are accumulated in separate containers that can be easily removed and emptied without stopping production. Chips and machining debris are conveyed by a metal belted conveyor to an external scrap box.

100% usable from the start

It’s easy to learn the machine operation because the data you need is displayed next to the various devices.

Machine settings are guided via a graphical environment.

Cycle time of each job step is displayed.

The machine control monitors and compensates for tool wear and indicates when tool maintenance is required.

Detailed step by step routine maintenance instructions are displayed to assist the operator.

Value added to the part

The parts may be drilled or milled radially with optional dedicated units.

The machining heads are provided with three controlled axis for drilling of holes or the creation of flats along the entire length of the part.

If chamfering is all you need

If your part finish requirements are limited to cut the length and chamfer then choose the BC80, an equally robust solution designed exclusively for the production of bushings. You will obtain the same high quality parts at even higher production rates and at a more competitive price.