TS72 – Solution de coupe à haut niveau d’automatisation

The TS72 CNC cutting line is able to cut four different programmable lengths out of the same bar unloading in 4 different positions. Brush de-burring, in-line measuring, washing systems and collecting devices are fully integrated.

All adjustments are CNC programmable as well as the working cycle starting from a bundle loader (up to 4.000 kg), with bar selection, cutting and unloading.

TS72 has a capacity of O.D. 8mm to 102mm with a max. cutting length configuration of 1500 – 3000 – 4500 mm.

Main features:

-One CNC programmable length stop provide the best material optimization of 4 different length cuts out of a single bar.

-Automatic and efficient programming not depending from the operator’s skills.

-TS72’s programming selects for the operator the optimum working parameters for the best possible machine performance, from a complete and proven technological database covering blade speeds and feeds for differing materials, saw blade selection and material feed.

-The cutting head construction with hardened and ground helical gears and automatic backlash compensation guarantees longer blade life and its full exploitation, low noise levels and the very best cut quality.

-The material feed system and vice geometry assure the most positive clamping of the material during the cutting cycle whether the material is thin wall delicate tube or tough thick wall tube.

-During the material feeding process, the material is lifted away from the vice bed and vice jaws to prevent the material surface being marked or scratched.

-Blade life, even under arduous cutting conditions, is much improved by micro-lubrication and by turbo refrigeration.

The TS72 cutting line has been designed to operate either as stand alone system or fully integrated in a complete automatic line controlled by one CNC programming unit integrating all additional de-burring, washing, drying and collecting operations.