E-TURN – Tube bending machines for tubes up to 52 mm in diameter. In-process right-hand/left-hand bending

Fully electric bending machine, with right and left bending in process and 3D graphic visual programming (VGP3D)

Some features of E-TURN fully electric machine:
No mechanical adjustment is needed
In-process right and left bending, with fixed and variable radius
Reduced time for programming and change-over
Enhanced controllability and repeatability
Increased productivity (by even 20% compared to hydro-electric machines)
Widest flexibility, thanks to the reduced dimension of the bending head and of the free bending and variable radius positioning
Increased feasibility of more complex structures
Tool holders designed for the fully interchangeability with existing BLM machines
Integrated machine load and load

The machine is programmed by the programming and 3D simulation software BLM VGP3D which allows:

component feasibility can be checked without physically testing on the machine or making prototype tooling

pre-production calculation of the real cycle time is known, so production costs and component pricing can be more precise.

by simply inputting the components bend coordinates, the complete bending program is graphically simulated.

Machine available in three versions:

ET32 – maximum tube O.D. capacity from 6 to 32x2mm
ET35 – maximum tube O.D. capacity from 6 to 35x2mm
ET40 – maximum tube O.D. capacity from 6 to 40x2mm
ET52 – maximum tube O.D. capacity from 6 to 52x2mm