ELECT – Tube bending machines for tubes up to 150 mm (6”) in diameter. Configurable for right or left hand bending

Fully electric CNC tube bender for tubes with OD 80 mm, 9 axis with 3D visual graphic programming (VGP3D)


multiradii (up to 8 tools)
bend head with left or right hand bending sense configuration
all the critical machine setting parameters set and managed by the CNC control
Fixed, variable radius and boost bend up to 5.000 kg
High reliability and high productivity
Use of existing tools – low running costs
Real time bend simulation automatically selecting the shortest and most efficient bending cycle to minimize cycle time and reduce cost
Any possible collision points are highlighted and the most practical avoidance routes effected
Axis position is read by absolute encoder eliminating all conventional sensors, increasing reliability, performance and reducing maintenance cost

VGP3D Highly innovative 3D Graphic Programming Software dramatically reducing dependence on operator intervention for:

real time bend simulation automatically selecting the shortest and most efficient bending cycle to minimise cycle time and reduce cost component simulation and feasibility check highlighting any possible collisions immediate creation and execution of the machine program with twin data input

The VGP3D is a three-dimensional, user-friendly and interactive graphical programming software, thanks to its mode of introduction of the data of type conversational supplemented by a touch screen. It operates under a WINDOWS environment and, thanks to its encryption key, it can be installed on a remote programming station that can be networked with the machine via an ETHERNET card already integrated into the machine. The VGP3D allows an instant visual inspection of the geometry of the part during the development of the program.

It checks the feasibility of the parts, calculates the cycle times, detects any collisions with the machine or its environment and solves them by automatic simulation of all possible working cycles.

The edited programs are automatically optimized but can also be manually operated thanks to the “drag and drop” function, which allows, by simple digital pressure, to move each mobile element of the machine.

All these functions allow fast and precise encryption of the parts to be produced without incurring any cost (tools, focusing …).

The machine is also equipped with a remote assistance software which allows, via modem, immediate assistance of our technicians for assistance and troubleshooting

The multi-stack tool mounting facility allows multi radius and variable radius bending to the same tube in a single set up, bends with very little straight between them, even compound bends. Generally used within the automotive and climate control sectors.

The tube bender ELECT is available in four versions:

ELECT 40 – maximum tube O.D. capacity up to 42 X 2mm
ELECT 52 – maximum tube O.D. capacity up to 52 X 2mm
ELECT 63 – maximum tube O.D. capacity up to 63 X 2mm
ELECT 80 – maximum tube O.D. capacity up to 80 X 2mm
ELECT 102 – maximum tube O.D. capacity up to 102 X 2.5mm
ELECT 130 – maximum tube O.D. capacity up to 130 X 2mm
ELECT 150 – maximum tube O.D. capacity up to 150 X 2mm